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Your First Line of Defense: Wei Qi

In TCM, the first line of defense in the immune system is called "Wei Qi". You pronounce this term in English as "Way Chee". Wei Qi is associated with the internal organs, especially The Lungs. The Lungs belong to element known as Metal. The Skin is also part of the Metal Element. Just like any virus or bacteria, the human body first makes contact by the skin. Wei Qi can fight off any external attacks.

Common symptoms of weak or deficient Wei Qi include: Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, headaches, fever and /or chills.

You can damage the Wei Qi by the following lifestyle inadequacies: Poor food, Emotional stress, negative people/influences, depression, lack of exercise, alcohol, drugs, smoking, lack of sleep, lack of fresh air, and anything that does not serve you like toxic emotions of shame and guilt.

How to Strengthen Wei Qi:

Acupuncture: Strengthen the circulation of energy and blood which boost the immune system. Regular acupuncture treatments can cause the brain to increase T-Cells in the body. T-Cells are the cells that combat bacteria and viruses.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Just like food, Herbal medicine has the ability to boost energy as well as immunity. You can take individual herbs, like mint, or have an actual TCM herbal formula that is to be taken in short periods of times until the chief complaint is resolved. A starter herb to study is called Huang Qi aka Astragalus. It is a very common herb to boost immunity.

Vitamin C 1000mg: A water-soluble nutrient and anti-oxidant that can neutralize unstable compounds and help prevent cellular damage.

VItamin D 5000 IU: A fat-soluble that helps absorb calcium and keeps inflammation in check as well as keeping your nervous system stable. Sunlight triggers Vitamin D production in the body.

Zinc 50mg: An element which is essential for reactions that take place in the body especially defense. It maintains healthy bones, skin, hair, nails, and vision.

Exercise: A sufficient 25 minutes of light exercise in the sun has the ability to boost immunity and increase mood.

Sleep: Having adequate amount of sleep gives time for the body to rejuvenate. Remember to turn off cell phones and artificial light, take a bath, drink a cup of tea after a light meal and prepare for bed.

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