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It's Insurance Renewal time again!
Considerations when Using Alternative Medicine

Insurance Time Again!


Optimize Your Plan for Alternative Medicine


Choose Only PPO Plans That Have Out Of Network Provider Benefits (If Offered)

(CIGNA Insurance can be an exception)

Most Alternative Medical Providers only accept Insurance with Out Of Network Benefits.*

You Have To Ask If The Following Benefits Are Provided !!!


  • Detailed Diagnosis (99203)

  • Acupuncture (97810)

  • Manual Therapy (Tui Na) (97140)

  • Cupping (97016)

  • Exercise (97110)

  • Heat/Cold Therapy(97026)

  • Moxa (97039)


How To Choose The Deductible

What Is Deductible? The payment that you MUST pay any medical provider for medical care before your Insurance begins to pay. It Resets every January 1* For Alternative Medical Providers you should:

                       1) Choose plans where "In Network Deductible Payments" Contribute to "Out Of Network Deductible" 

  • Every Paid visit to Alternative AND Western Medicine will contribute to your deductible                   

2) Choose Lowest Deductible Offered. You Will Pay For Each Doctors Visit:

      $0 (Best for Alternative Medicine) or

      $600 (For Western and Alternative Medicine) or

      $1,500 -$6,500 (For Western Medical Providers only)

Remember YOUR Deductible RESETS January 1

Deductible: In Network vs Out Of Network

  • Out of Network Coverage is Best for Alternative Medical Providers   

    • CIGNA is an Exception - In Network Benefits are very good

  • Out Of Pocket Expense

    • No Choice for you. Set by Insurance Company. 

Avoid These Insurance Providers For Alternative Medicine

These Insurances Are Not Accepted By Most Alternative Medical Providers

(you will be disappointed!)

  1. HMO Plans

  2. EPO Plans (Oracle EPO is OK)

  3. Kaiser Insurance

  4. Blue Cross

  5. American Specialty Health (ASH)


BEST Plans For Acupuncture Treatments 
 United Healthcare, Cigna , Aetna , Meridian


Have Questions ? Call (408) 737-1010

The Above are comments from patients and are not intended to be recommendations from Hopewell Medical Acupuncture Center or its staff. Contact your Insurance provider or your Primary Care Physician before choosing.

*Some Exceptions

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