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Insurance Agent


It's insurance renewal time... AGAIN!

Your Plan May Include Alternative Medicine Coverage

At No Extra Cost If you Follow These Steps


1) Choose Only PPO Plans

2) Include Out Of Network Benefits (CIGNA In&Out OK) 

3) Confirm Your Benefits Include one or both 

Manual Therapy (Massage) and


What Is Deductible?

A.    Out Of Pocket - MUST BE PAID by YOU to

B.    Every Doctor or Hospital 

C.    IF Your Plan Deductibles 

Worst $1500 Up  🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

Better $500 - $1500  🍅🍅🍅

BEST $0.00 -$500    No Rotten Tomatoes

Hopewell Recommendations

  BEST: United Health Care, Cigna, Meridian, Google Blue Cross

        Acceptable: AETNA

                                  1) Eliminate Deductible as Quickly as Possible.

                (In Network must help Out Of Network)

2) Alternative Medicine Reduces Deductible 

3) Out of Network Coverage is Best for Alternative Medicine    

  • CIGNA is an Exception - In Network Benefits are very good

Insurances Not Covering Alternative Medicine  

  1. HMO Plans

  2. EPO Plans (Oracle EPO is OK)

  3. Kaiser Insurance

  4. Blue Cross (Google Excepted)

  5. American Specialty Health (ASH)


BEST Plans For Acupuncture Treatments 
 United Healthcare, Cigna , Aetna , Meridian


Have Questions ? Call (408) 737-1010

The Above are comments from patients and are not intended to be recommendations from Hopewell Medical Acupuncture Center or its staff. Contact your Insurance provider or your Primary Care Physician before choosing.

*Some Exceptions

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