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Mr Virus!

Updated: May 28, 2021

The Corona virus attack has many of us on high alert. None more so than the

staff at Hopewell Medical Acupuncture Center. It is impossible to know who is a carrier or where viruses lay dormant waiting for a host to infect. The good news is that we have an immune system to protect us and kill viruses.

Lungs are the first internal line of defense against invading organisms. A weak constitution makes the lungs particularly vulnerable to sicknesses.

The latest news over the Corona Virus prompted Dr. Dawson to formulate a proprietary combination of herbs that will fight cold and flu from viruses. Asthma and Allergies sufferers are helped too! No side effects, no cooking, easy and convenient to take. Perfect for busy on the go people.

Don’t wait to Protect yourself and family. Strengthening their Lungs and Immune system using natural and safe herbal formulations thousands of years old. Its simple and fast!

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