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  • Ketogenic Diets
  • Secrets of “Purposeful Meditation”
  • Simple Treatments for Irregular Heartbeat 
  • High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol ? Try this !
  • Weight Loss without Diets – Diabetic Friendly
  • Insomnia – Which Kind Do You Have?
  • Fibromyalgia – At Last a Treatment that Works !
  • Ladies – Monthly Pain is NOT OK
  • Herbs That You Buy Can Be Dangerous
  • Your Insurance Vs. You
  • Cancer Patients – Increase your Chances
  • Back Pain – Before injections and operations Consider This !
  • The Cause of Depression – and a treatment
  • Doubling Your Memory
  • Eliminate Facial Wrinkles without Botox
  • Acne Scars – Gone!
  • Addictions –  Drugless Elimination

This Weeks Feature – 500 E. Remington Dr #28


Sat June 9  Single and Double TuiNa Therapeutic Massage Appointments Available:



Call 408 962 0839 to make an appointment.

Improving Poor Memory

Have trouble remembering everyday Tasks or Studying? We can help! (More Details)


Whether it be an Herbal Medicine or Acupuncture or Craniosacral Therapy, HMAC can help boost your memory as well as headaches, brain fog, concentration or clearing the mind.

Come in and see for yourself how Chinese Medicine can improve your mental cognition!

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Breaking News – Remington Clinic – 408 962 – 0839


  • Doctor On Call Today – Afternoon Availability

Hopewell Medical Remington Drive is open for Acupuncture and Tui Na treatments.

  • Clinic mission is to be a Medical drop in resource for any medical condition.
  • Consult with Dr. Jiao Shun Fa, Neurologist, Inventor of Head Needle Therapy
  • William Dawson, 5th generation Cheng Acupuncture, is leading medical services.
  • Acute Pain Care Drop In Acupuncture Active Today – Phone to Reserve

    Most Insurances accepted – Aetna, Blue Cross/BlueShield, Cigna, United Healthcare


Hopewell Wolfe Rd Clinic 408 737 – 1010

  • Advanced Acupuncture Treatments – Chinese or English
  • Doctor On Call Daily
  • CALL For Availability 408 737 1010

William Dawson LAc. will be Taking a Group of Doctors to BeiJing China working at the Cheng Kai Acupuncture

William Dawson at Dr. Cheng Kai Hospital BeiJing, China 8-16

William Dawson at Dr. Cheng Kai Hospital BeiJing, China 8-16

Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Kai Cheng 4th generation During the Last two weeks of August 2017. – Space is limited. Contact Dr. Dawson directly to receive details and reserve a spot.


Subsequently at a special Ceremony in front Government, University and a room full of renowned Medical practitioners from all parts of china in August 2016, William Dawson was accepted to be the deciple of and 5th Generation recipient of the Cheng Acupuncture family knowledge

an honor never afforded to a non Chinese person by this lineage of practitioners. 

Tai Chi and Medical Chi Gong

      • Weight Loss
      • Stress
      • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s
      • Stroke Recovery
      • Muscular Dystrophy
      • Wheelchair Bound
      • Weak and Tired  – Feeling old
      • Health and Fitness

Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which originated in China as martial arts, are a mind-body practice in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Tai Qi is referred to as “moving meditation” — you learn to integrate mind, breath and movement slowly, gently and with a focused purpose. Also you will learn centuries old Medical Qi Gongs which help to heal, keep healthy and treat the range of stress related diseases. For Young, Old, Wheelchair Bound.

Learn the Tai Chi style that is best for you – Yang, Chen, Sword. Learn how to benefit your Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs & Kidneys. Click here for

more details.




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Americans Say Thanks and Welcome Home with the

“MediVets Program” 

Providing Free Medical Treatments for Returning American Soldiers & Veterans

 Every Thursday 10:00 to 16:00 at the Sunnyvale Clinic

Fighting for those Now who fought for us Before

 Click here for Appointment  Click here to make donation

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 Therapeutic Chinese Meridian Massage For All Pain Including Neck, Shoulder, Arms, Abdomen, Lower Back, Feet




Famous Long Styles of Therapeutic Massage prescribed to treat Stress, Pain, hiding either Shallow or Deep in Muscle Tissue. Most Insurance Accepted.

Available only at Hopewell Medical Acupuncture Center are the series of Doctor Prescribed Myofascial Release Therapies which treat the complete range of tissue needs ranging from soft superficial to deep tissue massage. Direct from China, Thailand and India these the doctors at Hopewell Medical have optimized each one to promote accelerate their healing processes. The five optimized therapies include: Tui Na Meridian, Hot Stone, Glass Cupping, Thai Herbal Bag and Warm Bamboo Massage treatments.

Call Today for and Appointment

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At Last

A Weight Loss Program That Really Works!

  • Up to 10 pounds per month
  • No Exercise Programs or No Diets
  • No Supplements or Secrets
  • Just Sound Medical Facts
  • Boosts Energy and Confidence
  • Fight Serious Diseases

 Warning *** Must Buy New Clothes*** (sold separately)

1  Minute to Change Your Life Forever – Make Free Appointment Now!

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