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Screening Steps We Take To Keep You Safe!

  1. Visitors from China or their Contactees have a two week treatment waiting period
  2. Anyone with cough, cold or head congestion is phone screened prior to visiting.
  3. All Rooms and equipment used is disinfected before and after use.
  4. Waiting room chairs are disinfected 3 time per day.
  5. All furniture, Door Fixtures, washrooms (all 3) are disinfected after each patient leaves.
  6. All staff instructed to wear masks and gloves  with patients.
  7. One time Use Clean linens for prior to each treatment.
  8. Each Room has hand Sanitizer, Sink with Soap and Water and disposable towels.

Novel Corona Virus


WHO_nCoV_Introductory Video from openWHO on Vimeo.


Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (2019-nCoV). Symptoms* of Novel Coronavirus. Patients with 2019-nCoV have reportedly had mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of: Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath. *Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure. If you have been in China within the past 2 weeks and develop symptoms, call your doctor. CDC logo. www.cdc.gov/nCoV

Anti Virus Herbal Medicine

Only From Hopewell Medical Acupuncture Center

  1. Strengthen Your Lungs
  2. Strengthen Immune System to fight disease
  3. Lung Disorders such as Asthma

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Clinic Services

Acugraph Computer Health Scan – How Healthy Are You? 

Advanced Acupuncture All Pain 

Tui Na Meridian Massage Therapy for all Body Ache

Custom Herbal Prescriptions Coughs, Energy Boost

Fire Cupping for Back Pain

Inversion Table Therapy For Bulging Disc

Head Needle Acupuncture for stroke, Alzheimer, Parkinsons

Up Coming Saturday Lectures

  • Secrets of “Purposeful Meditation”
  • Simple Treatments for Irregular Heartbeat 
  • High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol ? Try this !
  • Weight Loss without Diets – Diabetic Friendly
  • Insomnia – Which Kind Do You Have?
  • Fibromyalgia – At Last a Treatment that Works !
  • Ladies – Monthly Pain is NOT OK
  • Herbs That You Buy Can Be Dangerous
  • Your Insurance Vs. You
  • Cancer Patients – Increase your Chances
  • Back Pain – Before injections and operations Consider This !
  • The Cause of Depression – and a treatment
  • Doubling Your Memory
  • Eliminate Facial Wrinkles without Injections
  • Acne Scars – Gone!
  • Addictions –  Drugless Elimination


Most Insurances accepted – Anthem, Aetna, Blue Cross/BlueShield, Cigna, United Healthcare, Kaiser, Discount for Medicare


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Americans Say Thanks and Welcome Home with the

“MediVets Program” 

Providing Free Medical Treatments for Returning American Soldiers & Veterans

 Every Thursday 10:00 to 16:00 at the Sunnyvale Clinic

Fighting for those Now who fought for us Before

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 Therapeutic Chinese Meridian Massage For All Pain Including Neck, Shoulder, Arms, Abdomen, Lower Back, Feet




Famous Long Styles of Therapeutic Massage prescribed to treat Stress, Pain, hiding either Shallow or Deep in Muscle Tissue. Most Insurance Accepted.

Available only at Hopewell Medical Acupuncture Center are the series of Doctor Prescribed Myofascial Release Therapies which treat the complete range of tissue needs ranging from soft superficial to deep tissue massage. Direct from China, Thailand and India these the doctors at Hopewell Medical have optimized each one to promote accelerate their healing processes. The five optimized therapies include: Tui Na Meridian, Hot Stone, Glass Cupping, Thai Herbal Bag and Warm Bamboo Massage treatments.

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At Last

A Weight Loss Program That Really Works!

  • Up to 10 pounds per month
  • No Exercise Programs or No Diets
  • No Supplements or Secrets
  • Just Sound Medical Facts
  • Boosts Energy and Confidence
  • Fight Serious Diseases

 Warning *** Must Buy New Clothes*** (sold separately)

1  Minute to Change Your Life Forever – Make Free Appointment Now!

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Tai Chi and Medical Chi Gong

      • Weight Loss
      • Stress
      • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s
      • Stroke Recovery
      • Muscular Dystrophy
      • Wheelchair Bound
      • Weak and Tired  – Feeling old
      • Health and Fitness

Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which originated in China as martial arts, are a mind-body practice in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Tai Qi is referred to as “moving meditation” — you learn to integrate mind, breath and movement slowly, gently and with a focused purpose. Also you will learn centuries old Medical Qi Gongs which help to heal, keep healthy and treat the range of stress related diseases. For Young, Old, Wheelchair Bound.

Learn the Tai Chi style that is best for you – Yang,  Sword. Learn how to benefit your Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs & Kidneys. Click here for

more details.




Moxibustion and Dysmenorrhea

A study conducted by Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has determined that the use of moxibustion at specific days during a woman’s menstrual cycle can decrease pain associated with menstruation. Dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation is a big problem for many women. This study used moxibustion, an accessory modality of TCM, to treat the pain associated with menstruation. The […] » Continue reading

Mr Virus


The Corona virus attack has many of us on high alert. None more so than the staff at Hopewell Medical Acupuncture Center.

t is impossible to know who is a carrier or where viruses lay dormant waiting for a host to infect. The good news is that we have an immune system to protect us and kill viruses.

[…] » Continue reading

Acupuncture for Boosting Your Circulation

Healthy blood circulation is a vital component of life for human beings. Without proper blood flow, life would cease to exist. Blood isn’t the only thing that’s important, it’s what the blood is carrying that makes circulation so important. Blood carries fresh oxygen, hormones and nutrients that we absorb from our food. Without these components, the organs and tissues […] » Continue reading

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