Stroke Victims benefit from Head Acupuncture

“I was a medical Student invited to Dr Jiao’s Clinic to observe treatment of patients. Four weeks earlier a man 65 years old began treatments with Dr Jiao. The man had lived for eight weeks prior with the effects of a massive stroke which cause him to have right arm paralysis and was confined to a wheelchair due to progressive weakness and atrophy of the lower extremities. In addition his speech had been highly distorted to the point of being almost unintelligible. Dr. Jiao asked him to stand up from his wheel chair and walk forward about 10 feet. The man refused but after some insistence he agreed to try and succeeded. The man was so surprised that he did a little dance. He was then asked to walk back to his wheelchair. He went to turn around but was stopped and told to walk backwards to his wheel chair. When he did this his wife started to cry. I have seen many similar amazing cases and Dr. Jiao’s therapy is truly amazing.” Roney, Monterey, Ca.