Stroke Victims benefit from Head Acupuncture

“I was a medical Student invited to Dr Jiao’s Clinic to observe treatment of patients. Four weeks earlier a man 65 years old began treatments with Dr Jiao. The man had lived for eight weeks prior with the effects of a massive stroke which cause him to have right arm paralysis and was confined to a wheelchair due to progressive... Read more »

New Hope for Alzheimer Sufferers

“Dr. Shun-Fa Jiao and his scalp acupuncture therapy are amazing. Last September, I brought my husband, a retired physician, who was diagnosed with cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease, to see Dr. Jiao. It was a desperate attempt to see if anything could be done to at least slow down the progress of the disease. All conventional approaches, including prescription drugs,... Read more »

Richard 63 yrs old of San Jose says:

“I smoked 3 packs a day for 50 years. After only 3 treatments at Hopewell Medical I stopped. The doctors there used techniques that I could’nt  imagine. While at home or at work I could treat myself. Its not magic, just good medicine. I am feeling better each day and can enjoy food and my family again thank a lot Hopewell Medical”


... Read more »
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