New Hope for Alzheimer Sufferers

“Dr. Shun-Fa Jiao and his scalp acupuncture therapy are amazing. Last September, I brought my husband, a retired physician, who was diagnosed with cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease, to see Dr. Jiao. It was a desperate attempt to see if anything could be done to at least slow down the progress of the disease. All conventional approaches, including prescription drugs, had failed or contributed to the progress. He was easily confused, had difficulties in comprehension and especially in speech, unable to communicate with people, and the isolation was making him worse. He was fighting for his mental health but the efforts were not rewarded and he sank deep into depression. He had been trying to play golf but had not gotten any farther than hitting some balls on the driving range, because he could not understand or retain the lessons that he had taken. In less than a month of treatments (twice a week), my husband started to show remarkable improvements. The first noticeable improvement was in his golf and he began to play regularly on the golf course. He started to use the computer again, and most important of all, he began to talk coherently and fluently. All his friends and his physicians were impressed by his improvements, and have urged him to continue with the treatments.

Dr. Angela Tu, LAc, Walnut Creek, CA