Neck Pain

My name is Stephen. I had terrible neck pain and back pain for many years. I went to many different doctors and nobody could help. One doctor wanted to do surgery. Another doctor wanted to give me’s injections in my back. I was afraid so I thought I would try Chinese medicine as of last resort before agreeing to surgery. Dr.... Read more »


I have suffered with diabetes for 15 years. The doctor told me that he could do nothing about it. Just keep taking my medicine. I didn’t believe it but I was recommended to go to Hopewell Medical Acupuncture Center to see what they could do. I received acupuncture, some herbal formula pills, nutritional counseling, and Chi Gong exercises from Dr. Long and... Read more »

Skin Problem

I’ve had a terrible skin rash on my neck. It has been so painful that I cannot sleep. I have been  going to dermatologists for a year and a half now and they’ve given me salves, creams and steroids. Nothing worked. I even tried changing my diet. Dr. long and her team provided me with acupuncture, herbs and the therapeutic... Read more »

Terrible Back Pain


I suffered back pain that was becoming progressively worse. It started 13 years ago. At work I bent over to look at a computer screen and my back gave out. I could only get around on crutches and was confined to my bed rest of the time. I went to my doctor and he prescribed cortisone injections in my... Read more »