Dr. Shun Fa Jiao

PHD, MD(China) DN, DCM

Neurosurgeon, Master TCM practitioner, Inventor of Jiao’s Scalp Acupuncture, and living legend Dr. Jiao is president of the International Head Needle Association which has representation worldwide. Dr. Jiao has been engaged in clinical practice and research in Neurosurgery since 1960. He was appointed the Director of the Health Center of Yungcheng District and Director of People’s Hospital of Yungcheng District, located in Shanxi Province. In 1970, Professor Jiao invented “Scalp Acupuncture.” After discovering that scalp acupuncture could treat apoplexy and other brain diseases effectively, the technique soon spread worldwide, receiving the National Award of Excellence by the National Bureau of TCM. In 1982, the World Health Organization of the United Nations recognized Scalp Acupuncture as a significant invention from China and recommended its method for clinical applications. Three years ago Dr. Jiao was recognized as one of  China’s “Golden Treasures” and at a televised ceremony was awarded a Certificate honoring his lifetime of accomplishment to humanity by the Chinese Government in Beijing. Dr. Jiao has established a Learning Center in Sunnyvale California where he teaches through example stressing the importance of correct diagnosis. Patients with the most difficult neuromuscular diseases including aphasia, paralysis, and other post-stroke complications, Autism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and syndromes are some of the target pathologies for which Dr. Jiao will be teaching his treatments.