Dr. Helen Long

LAc-DAOM PhD-Ear acupuncture

Prior to moving to the United States practiced medicine in China for 20 years under the supervision doctors considered Treasures of China. She earned her Master of Science Degree in China and America and her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the prestigious Five Branches University in San Jose and Santa Cruz California. She was also awarded a PHD in Auricular Diagnosis and Treatment and is honored with the title the “Chinese MRI”. She uses the Ancient and sophisticated Art of Ear Diagnosis to determine the patients internal medical condition.

Dr. Long is a Primary Care Physician California State Board Licensed TCM Doctor and also a California State Board Licensed Esthetician. She is Vice President of The University of Herbal Medicine in Belmont, Ca. and is Specialist in Facial Skin Care, Internal Medicine and Pain Management. Throughout her career she has created a library of proprietary treatments for stubborn health problems that resist western medical treatments that apply a blend of Acupuncture, Tui Na Therapy(Prescription Massage) Herbal Medicines. She is frequently a consultant to other Doctors World Wide and returns to China one month each year to research the latest discoveries in Chinese Medicine and bring them to Hopewell Medical.

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