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Beyond Acupuncture is a social media platform based off of Cheng’s Acupuncture Moxabustion that is dedicated to take acupuncture techniques and concepts to the next level. This page offers resources and knowledge to acupuncturists beyond just point location and depths. The content that is shared has a history of over a hundred years and has been passed down through five generations. Acupuncturists who have previously received short-term training provided by Cheng’s acupuncture mounts to tens of thousands in number and spread all across the globe. From stimulating effective Qi manipulation to correcting underlying physiological imbalances, let Beyond Acupuncture become your portal to higher TCM learning.

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Early Bird Price: 1200 USD (prior to July, 30th)

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Location: Beijing , China

Date: Aug, 16th- 23rd

Prof. Cheng Kai

Fee: 1500 USD

Early Bird Price: 1200 USD (prior to July, 30th)

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           COME & Observe For Yourself

Chengs Acupuncture reserves the right to interpret and\or make changes.

Students from other countries could explore Beijing attractions during the daytime of the 19th and the 20th.

Session A

Students will gather in our hospital, the only private hospital specialized in acupuncture. Our hospital accommodate and attend to over 100 000 patients a year, including those who came for alternative medicine from all over the country. Consequently, the medical team has gained valuable experience and resources, and developed effective treatment routines regarding many diseases.

In these sessions, students will closely observe our busy days and see first-handed how patients achieve satisfactory results. 

Each session is about 4 hours, and about 30 patients will be observed.  


Session B

Students will be held in our clinic, where doctors could sit together discuss individual case elaborately. The administration will arrange first visit patients so that students could observe and follow the progress of the treatment.

In these sessions, after each patient, doctor and students will sit together, analyse and discuss the case together. 

Each session is about 4 hours, and about 10 patients will be observed.  

Profound History& Inheritance  Chengs Acupuncture has been passed down for hundreds of years to generations of people. It is an important acupuncture school in the world and it has witness many prominent practitioner, including Professor Cheng Xinnong, the editor of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. The core theory of Chengs Acupuncture is the THREE LEVEL Needling Technique.

Modern Interpretation

 In the Tutorial program, Dr. Cheng reviews the meridian and acupoint system by combining the ancient wisdom with anatomy, physiology, human mechanical models, and modern research to guide the clinical practices. It gives doctors a new techniques to diagnose and treat diseases, and helps them to communicate with patients and western medical practitioners much more effectively.

Career Advancement

 The venue for the program would be the acupuncture hospital and Chengs Acupuncture Clinic. The hospital is the only private hospital specialized in acupuncture, and treats over 100 000 patients annually. Many of the patients come for the diseases that acupuncture has a unique advantage over other treatments, so the medical team has developed sophisticated clinic approach and corresponding training systems for each disease that they are willing to share with you.

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Fee: 1500 USD

Early Bird Price: 1200 USD (prior to July, 30th)


Prices do not include airfare, Food and Accommodations and travel to and from the airport or between the Hotels and Cheng’s Clinic

Further information and sign up is on at the Events tab.



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